“This has to be the best day of surfing Malibu has ever seen.”

- Rachel Tilly, enthusiastic surf fan


California’s most iconic surf spot turns on for two days of perfect waves and epic longboard competition.

Locals were calling it the best two days of the summer. Fans were calling it the best longboard surfing they’d ever seen. Competitors were calling it the best event ever.We’re calling it the 2019 Relik Longboard World Tour at Malibu.

From the moment the horn started the first heat on Saturday morning, and as if on cue that first perfect wave reeled through Malibu’s fabled First Point lineup, everybody knew that something special was about to happen. Man, did it ever.

This was a contest of firsts. First good swell of the summer. First time surfers got voted into the competition with an online video submission qualifier. First time women and men earned equal shares of a record prize purse. And the first time a refined judging criteria was developed to bring both ‘progressive’ and ‘traditional factions’ together for longboard performances that set the Malibu lineup on fire, from the first heat to the last.

Prize Purse.




Taylor Jensen

Soleil Errico

We at Relik believe that no form of surfing translates the sport’s essential appeal quite like riding a longboard. It’s not only how most surfers surf, but it’s why most surfers surf: the wind in your hair, sun on your face, toes on the nose with nothing but a cool, blue wave stretching out ahead…and the feeling that the ride can last forever. This is the spirit we intend to capture with every event we run, every story we tell, and every wave we ride. It’s with this in mind that we created The Relik Longboard World Tour, an innovative new platform that fosters global longboard culture while at the same time celebrating the world’s best practitioners of the art.


Replays from both days of the Relik 2019 Longboard World Tour at Malibu First Point, CA.

Malibu 2019 | Event Results.

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