“Sure, you can rip a perfect First Point Malibu wave to shreds on a shortboard. But if you really want to dance with her, it’s gotta be on a longboard.”

- Matt George, surf journalist



Returning to first point, the 2018 Relik World Longboard Tour proved that second time's a charm.

For those who might have thought that last year’s successful contest was a fluke, 2018 brought magic back to The ‘Bu big time. A soulful gathering of the world’s best longboarders, separate divisions for both traditional and progressive stylists, sunny days on the sand and even hotter competition in the water—this year’s event had it all.

And then there were the waves. Those perfect Malibu waves, generated by storms in the far-off South Pacific, rolling over the trackless watery miles as if drawn to this scenic slice of sand and cobblestone, shaped and groomed into perfect, peeling walls that just beg to be ridden.

Judging by performances seen at the 2018 event all of the invitees reveled in the opportunity to draw their own lines across an uncluttered Malibu lineup, with one of the finest displays of both traditional and progressive longboard surfing this fabled beach has ever seen.

Prize Purse.




Taylor Jensen

Lindsay Steinriede

Chad Marshall

"Individually, we're a single drop. Together, we're an ocean." Relik has brought this ethic to the beach with a series of events that not only highlight the kinetic art of longboard surfing, but also create an evocative cultural space on the sand. Hardly a contest site, Relik venues are more of an sensory experience, artfully blending elements of art, music and food to the simple pleasure of a day at the beach. A pleasure our competitors know well. Because while surfers may ride alone, they come together on shore, sharing a collective, deeply felt appreciation of the surfing lifestyle. Relik celebrates the vibe, in and out of the water. Now you can, too.


Highlights from the first stage in Relik 2018 Longboard World Tour at Malibu First Point, CA.

Malibu 2018 | Event Results.

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