“Why did Southern California give birth to a national surf craze? One simple, attractive, quasi-magical explanation is that modern surfing conjured itself into existence from the perfect air that hung over the perfect beach next to the perfect waves of Malibu.”

- from The History of Surfing, by Matt Warshaw



What do you call two surfers out alone at the
world’s most classic longboard wave?


If there’s one special wave that has become synonymous with classic longboard surfing, it’s Malibu. Which made this iconic point break the obvious choice for the 2017 Relik Longboard World Tour’s inaugural event.

At first it may have sounded like a crazy dream. Throw a dart not at a weekend in October, but an entire ten days. Wait for the best swell to make the call. Invite the world’s best longboard surfers with both traditional and progressive divisions, give them the full star treatment, big money prizes and two fantastic days in the surf and on the beach. Yeah, good luck.

But just because it had never been done before didn’t mean it couldn’t be done. And the wild success of the Relik’s first-ever event at Malibu proved not only that it could be done, but that it should be done, providing the world’s top longboard surfers with an experience and measure of respect long overdue. Traditional or progressive, men or women, by the time the trophies were handed out the vibe was the same: bring on next year’s tour!

Prize Purse.




Taylor Jensen

Karina Rozunko

Tyler Warren


Highlights from the inaugural Relik 2017 Longboard World Tour at Malibu First Point, CA.


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