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Longboard surfing spans the globe. Relik brings together these communities from Australia to Japan, Brazil to France, United Kingdom to the United States and every country in between. Creating something that inspires and invigorates the best of longboarding’s performers to be a part of longboarding’s future and create it together.

2018 Champions

Taylor Jensen

Lindsay Steinriede

Harrison Roach

Lower Trestles 2018 | EVENT RESULTS

Lower Trestles.

For the 2nd and final stop on the Relik Longboard World Tour 2018 the stars aligned. Conditions were at their peak and the longboarders from around the world delivered. A truly memorably 3 day event of women’s and men’s surfing.

Surf Ranch

For the first time professional longboarder’s ride the wave at the Surf Ranch.
Featuring: Taylor Jensen, Soleil Errico and Jared Mell.


The first stop on Relik’s 2018 Longboard World Tour set the stage for an amazing year of longboard surfing. Bringing together competitors from around the world for the first time a live stream of the event was shared with a global audience.

Malibu Invitational

Where it all began. The Relik team introduced a world first event in October 2017 combining two disciplines of longboard surfing. “Modern” performance surfing with “traditional” logger style.

Inviting an impressive field of professional competitors representing Australia, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Japan and the US including 9 world champions collectively holding 12 World Titles.

The inaugural event created such buzz and overwhelming positive feedback that we felt we had witnessed the birth of a new movement of surfing. It reinforced the hopes to build a sustainable platform for longboard surfing with the community.


Taylor Jensen

Karina Rozunko

Tyler Warren


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