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Tour Registration.

We need your payment information to both collect the $150 registration fee and pay out the prize purse.

If your preferred payment is direct deposit:

Registration Fee: We can send you a payment request for $150 via Zelle or PayPal (PayPal is preferred).

Spirit of Conduct

Relik is committed to providing our invitees with an unparalleled competitive and cultural experience. Other than to surf with heart and soul, the only requirement for participation is agreeing to a pre-established level of positive engagement on a variety of social media platforms before, during and after the event. They include: Following us on Instagram/Facebook Posting invitations on Instagram Story with @surf.relik tagged or a SWIPE UP to our home page (if possible) On the days of the event, posting our Live Feed with a link (as a SWIPE UP if possible) story on Instagram Posting at least one Instagram story per day during the event Posting a photo and tagging us and the event location on Instagram

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