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A new movement.

Relik is the gathering of longboarding’s best performers — like you — at some of the world’s most iconic surf breaks celebrating the art and lifestyle of longboard surfing.


The Relik™ Modern + Classic Longboard world Tour is a world first, hosting both “Modern” and “Classic” divisions at the same event venue with a total prize purse of $150,000.


Ride what you like.

Relik unites the global longboard surfing community while building a sustainable platform for all disciplines of longboard surfing.


We rise together.

A Modern and Classic longboard world tour hosting 50 of the top longboard surfers from around the world. Our goal is to perpetuate the growth of modern longboarding as well as honor the masters of traditional logging and style.


Honoring tradition.

Relik’s Modern Pro Division is complemented by an equally impressive line-up of sixteen traditional standout competitive loggers. These mavericks of style continue to perpetuate the art of surfing and have been influential in enriching the longboard community by honoring tradition and authenticity. 



With a world tour prize purse of $150,000 up for grabs Relik’s Longboard World Tour creates an atmosphere to showcase longboarding’s best moments. No compromise is made when it comes to the quality of the locations - with the competitors having some of the best surf breaks to shine.


First Point
Malibu, CA


Lower Trestles
San Clemente, CA

20180910-9M2_5239 copy.jpg

Prize Purse $150,000


Women + Men
Modern Division


1st place | $7,500

2nd place | $3,500

3rd place | $2,000

4th place | $1,500

Equal 5th | $1100

Equal 7th | $1000

Equal 9th | $900

Equal 13th | $750





1st place | $7,500

2nd place | $3,500

3rd place | $2,000

4th place | $1,500

Equal 5th | $1100

Equal 7th | $1000

Equal 9th | $900

Equal 13th | $750